Viewfinder accessories


Eye cups

The rubber eye cup protects the viewfinder from light reflections that can make focusing difficult in strong-light conditions. Eye caps for the first Autoreflex SLRs are attached to a metal ring that screws onto the round eyepiece. Eye cups made for use on rectangular eyepieces (from the Autoreflex TC) are attached to a rectangular frame that clips onto the eyepiece. There are also eye cups whose rubber part has the shape of an ellipse. These offer additional light protection on the side of the temple.



The loupe mounts on the eyepiece and magnifies the central portion of the image to allow precise focusing in difficult conditions such as when working with telephoto lenses, in macro photography or with a microscope. In order to look into the eyepiece normally, a hinge allows the loupe to flip upwards.



Angle finder

This accessory, a bit like an inverted periscope, makes it possible to compose and focus while looking downwards. In this manner, one can take pictures with the camera at chest level or with the aiming axis level with the ground without having to lie down. This accessory is also very convenient when the camera is mounted on a microscope of a reproduction stand. A metal adapter allowing the use of the later angle finder on earlier eyepiece is also available.


Dioptric correction lenses

To facilitate viewing for glass wearers, there is a series of corrective lenses which can be screwed on the eyepiece. These lenses come in 6 types: -3, -2, -1, +1, +2 and +3 diopters. Of course, there are lens versions for the the first SLRs (round eyepiece) and for the later ones (rectangular eyepiece).