6. Technical questions

This section is almost entirely devoted to technical issues that are specific to the Konica AR System as a whole or to Konica as an OEM. These include technical aspects of strategic significance for Konica as an SLR maker, like the company’s development in the first half of the 1960s of its shutter-priority exposure system and of the AR bayonet mount that hosted it; Konica's role in the emergence and popularization of metal shutters; Konica's ingenious light-metering system; and the viewfinders found in Konica SLRs.

Also addressed here are issues proper to Hexanon lenses. These include the collaboration between Konica and Tokina; my thoughts on the widespread and tenacious "EE" vs "AE" version myth; and a few thoughts on lens coatings. No technical discussion of Konica’s lenses would be complete without addressing the use of Hexanons in the digital age and the revival they have known in recent years.

The specific issues addressed in this section are:

- Konica’s AR mount – a discussion of Konica’s second bayonet mount in comparison with the bayonet mounts of Konica’s principal competitors.

- Shutter-priority exposure – a look at Konica’s ingenious shutter-priority exposure automation system and its role in the popularization of automatic exposure.

- Metal shutters – the story of Konica’s pioneering role in the emergence of metal focal plane shutters.

- Light metering – a glance at Konica’s clever light-metering system and how it adjusts to lenses of different focal length.

- Viewfinders - a description of the viewfinders found in Konica's SLRs.

- EE and AE "versions" – my attempt to debunk the mistaken idea that the "EE" or "AE" markings on Hexanon lenses are indicative of that lens' version.

- The Tokina connection – the story of Konica’s association with Tokina and some personal musings about it.

- Lens coatings – an attempt to describe the various lens coatings used on Hexanon lenses over the years.

- Konica and the JCII – a plausible explanation for the frequent, if uncorroborated, claim that "Konica quality control standards were used as a benchmark by the JCII".

- Digital photography – about the renewed interest in Hexanon lenses in the digital era.

- Mercury batteries – an overview of the possible ways of replacing the now illegal mercury batteries in Konica SLRs.