How rare is that lens?

Only about a dozen Hexanon lenses are truly rare, if the frequency with which they appear in my Hexanon database is any indication. They tend to be lenses from the sixties and early seventies and, for the most part, they are not lenses the average buyer would ordinarily be looking for. They are:

- the 2000/11 mirror lens (available by special demand, supposedly only two were ever made)
- the 58-400/4 preset zoom (
there are 2 in the database, and one is from a Japanese Hexanon brochure), and
- the 800/8 telephoto
(2 in the database),
- the 1000/8 mirror lens (also 2).

The first two of the above lenses are only to be found in Konica literature. Both were available for 2-3 years in the second half of the 1960's. The latter two can be seen on eBay once of twice a year.

There is also another category of rarity – that of lenses which are very rare in one version, but commonplace in another, with both versions being optically identical. This is the case above all for 4 of the Hybrid lenses – a type of lens made in 1970-71:

- the 35-100/2.8 Varifocal zoom (none in the database),
the 80-200/3.5 zoom (none),

- the 55/3.5 macro (4), and
- the 300/4.5 (7).

Somewhat less, but still rare, are:

- the 70-230/4.5 preset zoom (6 in the database)
the A-type 100/2.8 (8),
- the 300/6.3 FL from the early seventies (10),
- the 200/5.6 preset (11),
the UC 400/4.5 (15),
- the 35/2.8 compact (20), and
- the 28/3.5 preset (21).

Most Hexanon lenses often considered to be rare are not rare at all, like (in order of decreasing rarity):

- the 105/4 macro (56 in the database),
the 21/2.8 compact (65),
the 15/2.8 UC fisheye (80),
the 28/1.8 UC (133),
the 100/2.8 (238),
the 85/1.8 (398) and, especially,
the 57/1.2 (510).

So, if you are in the market to buy one of the Hexanon 'cult' lenses – and, unless you are a collector, it is likely to be one of those mentioned in the last paragraph above  – don’t fall for the 'very rare' / 'shows up on Ebay only once a year' / 'don’t miss this unique opportunity' line, which would have you buy the lens for twice its value or more. Take your time – most of them show up on on Ebay quite frequently.