Autoreflex T3N (1974-1977)

The Autoreflex T3N (also known as the NT3) is thought by many to be the very top of the line of Konica’s mechanical SLRs. It’s a slightly improved version of the T3, with three small differences, only one of which is truly a new feature. As with the name Autoreflex T2, the name Autoreflex T3N des not appear on the body, as the nature of the improvements introduced in relation to the T3 did not justify a new name.

These improvements are, in fact, mere technical ‘touch ups’, but they are very practical: a little shutter mounted behind the eyepiece to keep out stray light that could fool the light meter during long exposures; and the top of the housing, pointed on the T3, has been flattened and widened on the T3N so as to accommodate a fixed flash mount. The self-timer and DOF lever, metallic in the Autoreflex T3, was changed to a black hard plastic one on the T3N.

The Autoreflex T3N is famous for the highly precise calibration of all its mechanisms and for the smoothness with which they operate. It is also a solidly built SLR. I own three of them, one for more than 20 years and none of them has needed any attention yet. ‘A serious camera for serious photographers’, it is the Konica SLR most often sought, because its technical advantages make it an even more precise and versatile tool than the Autoreflex T3, which was an advanced SLR for the times as well.



"The Autoreflex series of cameras was the most reliable I have yet owned. For about 10 years they were my main 35mm SLR's, and during the latter part of that were used professionally. I switched to Nikon when it became clear Konica was abandoning the market, but since that time my Nikons have been in the shop on a regular basis, as have my Leicas since time immemorial and some Canons and Pentaxes I've used."                                                                 

Henning J. Wulff



In addition to the chrome (more frequent) and black versions, Konica also produced an exclusive series of gold-plated T3N which were offered as gifts to highly performing sales personnel, for example. A number of fakes turn up from time to time on auction sites. Even though they are very well made, gold spray simply does not look like gold plate. True specimens can be identified by the absence of a serial number.

Characteristic features:

a) Built-in flash mount, prism housing widened and flattened, multiple exposure level and shutter cocking indicator (the last two also present on the T3),
b) DOF preview button and self-timer lever in black plastic with a white bar,
c) Eyepiece shutter to shut out light during long exposures.




"From a service viewpoint, the Konica T3N deserves top marks in modular design – even compared to other cameras using the Copal Square shutter. The modular disassembly really speeds up repairs. […] The T3N also rates high on adjustments provided. Adjustments are plentiful and easy to reach."

The Camera Craftsman

July-Aug. 1976